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Let's begin by taking a breathe and enjoying all that life has to offer.  I'm so glad that you have come to my site.  I hope that you will come to see me as I am a strong channel and able to help you gain clarity on the issues that surround you in your life right now.  We all know what we are suppose to be doing in life and the choices that we need to make.  I am able to help you to get clear on that knowing.  I hope you will use me as a means of gaining insight and validation in the journey of your life.


Coming in January!!!!  This will be one of your most amazing discoveries of 2012!!!!

I am available to activate your pineal gland and full cranial temple.  This is an incredibly powerful experience that
will open you up to an unbelievable life shift.  It is difficult to put into words yet those of you that are reading this will know that this is what you have been seeking.  We are at a point of evolution where we know intuitively what we need to move forward.  I feel confident that those of you that are looking for some type of immersion with Source Energy
will find this to be incredible.

TAROT CARD READINGS  I am available for Tarot card readings at my home, by phone or online.  I also can book parties in your home for 4 or more people. 

I have an extensive background in Metaphysical Healing and Intuitive Counseling.  I have been reading cards for over 20 years and am a channel for Star Energy.  I am a second level Reiki practitioner and am trained in Psych-K.  I am considered a Spiritual Intuitive and provide channeled messages that will help you gain insight on life decisions, direction and inner clarity.  See what others have to say or post your experience on Face book.
I am located near West Hartford Center and can usually see anyone within a day or two.  You may have seen me at the Psychic Fairs throughout Connecticut.
Sunday, May 19, 2013
NEW AGE FAIR  -Angel cards, psychometry, and of course, astrology! Plus aura photos, a variety of vendors and bodywork like reflexology, massage or Reiki.
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Thanks for checking out my site! Check back as I post my public appearances on my website. There's much more to come!
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